Green Caviar

Pure Sicilian Finger Lime…

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100% made in Italy

Green Caviar was born three years ago in a company specialized in the production of citrus fruits and ornamental olive trees active from 2004 in Terme Vigliatore in Sicily. The passion for our work and the continuous research of new products aiming at quality, through company choices, has led us to introduce in our production the well-known fruit known as "finger lime"

"Our company already distributes the product, available in different varieties, in Italy and in other European countries"

The Origins

« In Australia the finger lime is rare because it has remained a wild plant for thousands of years and only in the last two or three decades has been cultivated, but it is still not widespread on the tables and it is eaten not very often, like from us the kumquats during the Christmas holidays.»

Taste and characteristics

The thin green peel of this citrus fruit contains precious translucent pearls rich in juice with an intense taste of lime. Highly appreciated in haute cuisine for the beauty that they can donate to every preparation. The pearls of this quality of finger lime are green. A fruit weighs about 10gr ©

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